Some Of The Best Android Launcher Apps

Take any smart phone and it would be soon evident the important role played by the launcher apps that get to decide in many ways how it is used.  It is possible to find a range of apps that vary in function and application to provide the best in terms of a user experience to most users.  That in a number of instances it is the apps available with a phone that gets to define the user experience for most people.

Action Launcher

With the use of this app, it is possible to have an experience with the android phone that makes it pleasing to use as well to the appearance.  There is a range of customization on offer that tends to stand out for it sophistication of use as well.  It really does not cost anything extra to have this app installed on the phone but some of the more advanced features could be had with a premium subscription.

On offer with the app is a range of features that go beyond the appearance part and can be quite deep in the application as well.

Apex Launcher

This is a launcher app that seeks to bring the increased use of icons to average smart phone user.  Along with the range of customizations, the app launcher can prove to be a handful to each and every user.  The more advanced features could be applied by using the premium service that is at best affordable to most people.

If indeed there can be a defining moment with the Apex Launcher, then it is the themes that can be had with the app.  Being more than just convenient, the themes offer a range of customizations not possible with phones earlier.  There is also on offer a fair amount of variations and some customizable with any theme on offer.