Manual vs Electric Wheelchair

A wheelchair is used by disable people. People who face difficulty in walking due to injury or illness also use wheelchairs. There are two major types of wheelchairs commonly found in hospitals and homes known as Manual Wheelchair and Electric powered wheelchair. In case of a manual wheelchair, the seated person moves the chair himself by turning the rear wheels of the chair. On the other hand, an electric powered wheelchair moves through a motor.

Let us look on both types of chairs:
Manual Wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs are more portable as compared to electric wheelchairs. They can be easily carried during travel. Manual wheelchairs come in various sizes, the weight of the wheelchair varies with the size. Their weight, however, is no more than 21-40 pounds. Lightweight designs are preferred by users as they are easier to push. Maintenance costs of manual wheelchairs is also negligible.

Manual Wheelchairs can be further divided into light duty and heavy duty wheelchairs.

Electrically powered Wheelchairs:

Electrically powered wheelchairs are more flexible in terms of seat, headrests, and headrests designs. The price range can vary largely from 3000$ to 30,000$. The low costs electric wheelchairs are actually made of cheap motor kits that are installed within Manual wheelchairs. High cost electric wheelchairs are durable and have better electronic systems. Some years ago, electrically powered wheelchairs were only limited to a few brands. But today, faster and lighter electric wheelchairs are produced by different manufacturers.

Electrically powered wheelchairs have different configurations, they can be either front wheel driven, mid wheel driven or rear wheel driven.