Manual vs Electric Wheelchair

A wheelchair is used by disable people. People who face difficulty in walking due to injury or illness also use wheelchairs. There are two major types of wheelchairs commonly found in hospitals and homes known as Manual Wheelchair and Electric powered wheelchair. In case of a manual wheelchair, the seated person moves the chair himself by turning the rear wheels of the chair. On the other hand, an electric powered wheelchair moves through a motor.

Let us look on both types of chairs:
Manual Wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs are more portable as compared to electric wheelchairs. They can be easily carried during travel. Manual wheelchairs come in various sizes, the weight of the wheelchair varies with the size. Their weight, however, is no more than 21-40 pounds. Lightweight designs are preferred by users as they are easier to push. Maintenance costs of manual wheelchairs is also negligible.

Manual Wheelchairs can be further divided into light duty and heavy duty wheelchairs.

Electrically powered Wheelchairs:

Electrically powered wheelchairs are more flexible in terms of seat, headrests, and headrests designs. The price range can vary largely from 3000$ to 30,000$. The low costs electric wheelchairs are actually made of cheap motor kits that are installed within Manual wheelchairs. High cost electric wheelchairs are durable and have better electronic systems. Some years ago, electrically powered wheelchairs were only limited to a few brands. But today, faster and lighter electric wheelchairs are produced by different manufacturers.

Electrically powered wheelchairs have different configurations, they can be either front wheel driven, mid wheel driven or rear wheel driven.

Tips for making shell angels

Many of us are fond of collecting beautifully sparkled shells. But most of the times these shells are put on some corner of the home or in the drawer of a cabinet. Here are the tips to create shell angels and have a wonderful decoration piece for your home.

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  • The bigger and wider shells are used for the dress. Lay the bowl part of the shell in a downward position and choose two smaller shells for making the wings. Match the colors of these two shells.
  • Glue all of these together to give them a bow tie look.
  • Take a smaller shell and glue it in the center of bow tie to make a head.
  • Now glue the wings and head to the top pf the larger shell in order to have a rounder potion of the shell at the bottom.
  • Now create a tiny bow by using ribbon and tie it to hide the area connecting all the shells. It will give a look of a body.
  • A small rose bud gives a beautiful touch.
  • You can also use tiny cascade buds and appealing flowers along one edge or on the side of the skirt.
  • Now make a loop of about 3-inch-long from a ribbon and glue to the back of the head. Hang it inside the bowl.

They makeup great ornaments and beautiful gift packages. You may hang them from rear view mirror to make them standout in your entire room.


Just like all the other kinds of Safari, the desert safari is exploring the wilderness and enjoying what it has to offer. If you have ever been to Dubai, you surely have experienced the ride and cherished it to its full as this is pretty popular in the Middle East due to the abundance of deserts there.

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For those of you who are new to it, may face some trouble and feel nauseatic.

But you can beat the feeling by following few rules, have a glance:


Your desert journey will have too many bumps due to heightened sand dunes. The usual curvy route can cause intense travel sickness which is why it is best to eat less and consume water about an hour before you jump into your vehicle. It can save you from the heavy nauseatic feeling.


You must be thinking to yourself that this is pointless and of no use but in deserts, temperature behaves abnormally.

It is hottest during the day, and as the sun sets, the atmosphere starts to cool down and get chillier. Pack a thin jacket or light shawl to wrap you up if you feel cold.


One thing that most people mistake on is considering camel and horse ride as equal. If you have pain in your joints, or legs, and you face no issues riding a horse, it DOES NOT mean you can do fine on camel ride as well.

So pack some extra painkillers with you. You will require them as camels are hard to ride due to the humpy body.

Unleash the Maximum Speed in an Inexpensive Way

We love cars. But we do love fast cars say’s Cars don’t cost a dollar that when a new speedy one comes out of market we can change and dispose the old one like our smart phones. We get thrilled by top speed luxury cars and ask wouldn’t it be nice that my car would go a little bit faster? Just a little bit faster, not making it drag king; that would be expensive. Just a little bit faster to hit the long straight road or be on schedule.

There are five easy things to boost travel in a lesser expense way costs will be much cheaper than having to buy New Star Diamonds.

Essential Things Only

Make it light. More weight to carry means more force to exert and we tend to slow down. The lesser the weight means the lesser the horse to power and the faster the car. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter, remove the all the junks in your back-seat or trunk, add lightness to your car to increase performance. This is the easiest step to increase your speed and it won’t cost you a penny. You just have to give it a try.

Prepare the Rolling Tyres

The greater the grip the faster the automobile can go with a bonus safety. What determines the maximum acceleration of the car is the friction or contact between the 205 55r16 tyres and the road. Good set of tyres make a difference. There were also bunch of tricks to increase power by modifying your tyres.

  • Manufactures make sure that the wheels are aligned and pointed straight ahead for optimum straight-line speed. Make sure that the alignment is with the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Light weight tyres hit good numbers in your speedometer. Change your regular wheels to shorter one to increase speed.

Sharpen the Engine’s Mind

Oil may not be the lifeblood of the engine but without oil as lubricant and coolant, your car would run but then it would seize. Oil is what keeps the parts moving, like how a piston functions at its optimum performance. We want the best we can get with our engine and oil change, the best one will increase the car’s performance.

Speed Up the Cool Air

More cool air means more air will flow; more air to more combustion to more horsepower up to 5-7hp increase. The idea is that heat flows from a hot to a cold body – 2nd Law of thermodynamics. When there is a big intake of cool air, more air will travel to the cylinders and mix with the fuel.

Let the Exhaust Flow Freely

Larger diameter exhaust means smoother combustion process. Upgrading your engine to a high performance free flowing exhaust system could result to an increase of 5-10 horsepower. Exhaust system is one of the limiting factors to achieve optimum power thus allowing your engine to breathe a bit better would increase engine performance. This could be achieved by installing a most free-flowing exhaust system.

  • Install a new exhaust system that have larger pipe and fewer twist and turns for free flow and smoother combustion process.
  • Ask mechanics for exhaust system that is suitable to your automobile.

It would be fun and convenient if we can drive our car faster. To upgrade it to a higher and better horsepower, it would absolutely best to visit the professional mechanics near the area.

Fuel Efficient Cars: Save 2015 Economy Leaders

Our ancestors walk thousands of miles in an uneven road and takes days or months to reach their destination. And before cars came, there were chariots and bicycle. Evolution in our transportations results in convenience. We did not stop from the steam powered automobile, to hydrogen powered combustion engine, to first gasoline power car of Karl Ben. Cars were luxuries, but now it is a necessity, but some are still. But the problem that arise nowadays is the costliest driving expense; the fuel.

Even though there is a big drop in the price of gasoline, keeping the tank full or not empty is still costly. There comes our desire to invent or acquire a fuel efficient vehicle. There were widespread fuel-saving cars brought by technology advancement. The year 2015 features the most fuel efficient vehicles and almost all models are plug in hybrids or pure electric vehicles.

The Pure Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) basically run by an electricity store in a battery pack that powers the electric motor. No fuel cost to consider, but the battery needs to be charged 8 hours every day on a standard 110-volt supply. But it you’re in a hurry, you can install a dedicated 240-volt supply but it will cost you several thousands of dollars. Below are the leading fuel pure electric vehicles this year 2015.

  • Chevrolet Spark EV. A 130-hp all electric vehicle and can travel 82 miles on full charge. It takes 7 hours to charge in a 220-volt supply and 20 hours via 110-volt.
  • Volkswagen e-Golf. Comes with a 115-hp electric motor that can run at a range of 70-90 miles on full charge. It charged fast in a 240-volt supply at 4 hours and via 110-volt is still 20 hours.
  • Fiat 500e. An Italian style 111-hp vehicle that could travel an estimate of 87 miles on charge.

The Plug-in Hybrid Types

From the name itself, hybrid is operated via electric or via gasoline. Plug-in hybrid cars are unstoppable, and you wouldn’t get to worry about being stranded. When you’re out of battery, power it with gas or the opposite. Depending on the end user, plug-in hybrids can be drive with little or no gasoline.

  • BMW i3. The top fuel-saver for 2015, is powered by a 170-hp and can travel at a range of 80-100 miles on charge. This fuel economy leader can be charged up 6 hours, and can be restored up to 80% using DC combo fast charger. And when the battery is depleted, run it with gasoline.
  • Chevrolet Volt. This plug-in hybrid can run up to 38 miles on charge and can continue running by gasoline.

Availability in the World Market

Unfortunately, EV and plug-in vehicles are not available worldwide; the leading fuel economy vehicles are only available in California or several states. According to the market research firm IHS Automotive, the top three states with EV Sales are Georgia, California and Washington.

The Pros and Cons

You may not worry about the cost of the fuel but you might worry in your electrical consumption. EV takes long to charge, and fast chargers will cost you a big amount of money. But the good thing is that they are zero emission vehicles and mother earth would love it.

The Non Plug-in Models

There are also non plug-in models that are out and available. The Toyota Prius and the Prius c hybrids are the most fuel efficient non plug-in vehicles. Equipped with an electric motor and battery augmented in the gas engine, the two vehicles can self-charged itself during deceleration or brake. This mechanism would be of benefit when traveling around town than highway.