Tips for making shell angels

Many of us are fond of collecting beautifully sparkled shells. But most of the times these shells are put on some corner of the home or in the drawer of a cabinet. Here are the tips to create shell angels and have a wonderful decoration piece for your home.

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  • The bigger and wider shells are used for the dress. Lay the bowl part of the shell in a downward position and choose two smaller shells for making the wings. Match the colors of these two shells.
  • Glue all of these together to give them a bow tie look.
  • Take a smaller shell and glue it in the center of bow tie to make a head.
  • Now glue the wings and head to the top pf the larger shell in order to have a rounder potion of the shell at the bottom.
  • Now create a tiny bow by using ribbon and tie it to hide the area connecting all the shells. It will give a look of a body.
  • A small rose bud gives a beautiful touch.
  • You can also use tiny cascade buds and appealing flowers along one edge or on the side of the skirt.
  • Now make a loop of about 3-inch-long from a ribbon and glue to the back of the head. Hang it inside the bowl.

They makeup great ornaments and beautiful gift packages. You may hang them from rear view mirror to make them standout in your entire room.