Unleash the Maximum Speed in an Inexpensive Way

We love cars. But we do love fast cars say’s www.commirza.com. Cars don’t cost a dollar that when a new speedy one comes out of market we can change and dispose the old one like our smart phones. We get thrilled by top speed luxury cars and ask wouldn’t it be nice that my car would go a little bit faster? Just a little bit faster, not making it drag king; that would be expensive. Just a little bit faster to hit the long straight road or be on schedule.

There are five easy things to boost travel in a lesser expense way costs will be much cheaper than having to buy New Star Diamonds.

Essential Things Only

Make it light. More weight to carry means more force to exert and we tend to slow down. The lesser the weight means the lesser the horse to power and the faster the car. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter, remove the all the junks in your back-seat or trunk, add lightness to your car to increase performance. This is the easiest step to increase your speed and it won’t cost you a penny. You just have to give it a try.

Prepare the Rolling Tyres

The greater the grip the faster the automobile can go with a bonus safety. What determines the maximum acceleration of the car is the friction or contact between the 205 55r16 tyres and the road. Good set of tyres make a difference. There were also bunch of tricks to increase power by modifying your tyres.

  • Manufactures make sure that the wheels are aligned and pointed straight ahead for optimum straight-line speed. Make sure that the alignment is with the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Light weight tyres hit good numbers in your speedometer. Change your regular wheels to shorter one to increase speed.

Sharpen the Engine’s Mind

Oil may not be the lifeblood of the engine but without oil as lubricant and coolant, your car would run but then it would seize. Oil is what keeps the parts moving, like how a piston functions at its optimum performance. We want the best we can get with our engine and oil change, the best one will increase the car’s performance.

Speed Up the Cool Air

More cool air means more air will flow; more air to more combustion to more horsepower up to 5-7hp increase. The idea is that heat flows from a hot to a cold body – 2nd Law of thermodynamics. When there is a big intake of cool air, more air will travel to the cylinders and mix with the fuel.

Let the Exhaust Flow Freely

Larger diameter exhaust means smoother combustion process. Upgrading your engine to a high performance free flowing exhaust system could result to an increase of 5-10 horsepower. Exhaust system is one of the limiting factors to achieve optimum power thus allowing your engine to breathe a bit better would increase engine performance. This could be achieved by installing a most free-flowing exhaust system.

  • Install a new exhaust system that have larger pipe and fewer twist and turns for free flow and smoother combustion process.
  • Ask mechanics for exhaust system that is suitable to your automobile.

It would be fun and convenient if we can drive our car faster. To upgrade it to a higher and better horsepower, it would absolutely best to visit the professional mechanics near the area.